These Great Athenians is published on 7 October 2021 by Imprint 27. I've also published a few other pieces of writing that you can find out more about. I've distinguished between print and electronic because there's a very different route to publishing for each category although some of this 'print' work is available to read online.


These Great Athenians: Retold Passages for Seldom Heard Voices

Novel published by Imprint 27

All I want is more than you can ever give me

Short story published in In Yer Ear


Short story published in the Mechanics' Institue Review 15

Lone Star Song

Short story published by Bandt Fiction
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Short story published by Fiction Pool


Love Poem

Published in Perverse

Write Lines (Don't Do It)

Published in Visual Verse Vol.7 Chapter 6

The (Donald) Duck Test

Published in Visual Verse Vol.7 Chapter 5


Now the rivers no longer met the seas

Non-fiction published in Mechanics Institue Review - The Climate Issue