electronic literature

Electronic literature or digital literature is a genre of literature encompassing works created exclusively on and for digital devices, such as computers, tablets, and mobile phones. A work of electronic literature can be defined as "a construction whose literary aesthetics emerge from computation", "work that could only exist in the space for which it was developed/written/coded—the digital space". So says wikipedia anwyway. That seems about right to me.

My PhD is in electronic literature although I am moving toward describing it as multi-modal literature. Which is the latest thing but also more accurate as I would like to site some work in a gallery space.

One of the things that I love most about working digitally is that it is immediately accessible and avaiible. As a result some of this work might be iterated or developed further without any warning or obvious reason.

interactive text

Anxiety Time Machine: choose-your-own poem

Asterion: a hypertext retelling of Theseus and the Minotaur

In Lieu of an Argument: an insta-poet machine


Defintions part 1 to 3: three films poems (on youtube)
[Alternative] - [Ephemera] - [Transient]

A New History of Violence: a poetic parody of BBC News 24, made in March 2020


Flight Path: a browser based interactive poem

Emily is a Bot Poet: this Emily Dickinson is a twitter bot perpetually rewriting the real Emily Dickinson's Fame is a Bee poem

Living Colour, 2020: a pecha-kucha is a Japanese presentation style (pechakucha means “the sound of conversation”) consisting of 20 slides. Living Colour, 2020 after I went to a Lee Krasner exhibiton at the Barbican Gallery, London in 2019. I wanted to keep the format as keynote (iOS) or powerpoint (Windows) to remain true to the original form. You can access the files below. I’ve also included a PDF for those who don’t have access to the any presentation software but, if you can, read them in a slide format.
[Keynote] - [Powerpoint] - [PDF]