These Great Athenians

"These Great Athenians weaves together the voices of the many isolated women of Homer’s Odyssey. Penelope waits for her husband’s return as she makes a shroud that foretells her doom., Scylla once a beautiful nymph turned monster prowls the sea hungry for flesh, the witch Circe turns the men who invade her island into pigs, while the dead women of Hades come to terms with their own fates.

"With deft hands Carter playfully unravels Homer’s work to restitch the stories of these great Athenians and question how do those without a voice find freedom within the world of men.”

These Great Athenians by Valentine Carter is published on 7 October 2021 by Imprint 27. You can pre-order it online or ask your favourite bookshop.

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Polari First Book Prize 2022

These Great Athenians has been shortlisted for the Polari First Book Prize.

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